Director of Sales – London

We have an exciting role for a Director of Sales to join our client, who is in the process of rebranding and relaunching one of their high profile properties in central London.

This is a fantastic opportunity to reposition the hotel within the upper/ upscale market and could be a stepping stone to a cluster position within  the group. Although there is an existing client base the hotel is looking for new market streams and the Director of Sales will be instrumental in achieving this.

Candidate Requirements:

  • An experienced DOS, preferably with a lifestyle background
  • Ability to perform critical analysis
  • Extensive knowledge of sales  procedures and negotiating procedures associated with the hotel industry
  • Excellent spoken and presentation skills
  • Ability to work effectively both independently and as a team
  • Ability to manage extensive amounts of information and provide constructive feedback/direction
  • Ability to delegate, manage and organize complex projects and establishes priorities consistent with department/hotel objectives
  • Ability to effectively deal with department heads, customers and team members, some of whom will require high levels of patience, tact and diplomacy
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, meet and work effectively under time and resource constraints

Interested? – if so please contact Mara at or call on +44 20 8600 1169

Interim General Manager – Milan

We have an interim position for a General Manager, to be based in Milan, who will manage the key business functions of a hotel including operations, finance, sales, revenue and e-commerce.

Set in a commercial area of Milan, the hotel is situated 15 minutes’ drive from Milan Linate Airport and has close transport links to the centre of Milan for shopping and tourist attractions including the Piazza del Duomo and soaring Gothic Milan Cathedral. Featuring just over 400 rooms, the hotel also offers extensive meeting facilities (including an expo centre), a business centre, gymnasium and several dining options.

Key Objectives of the role:

  • Deliver the annual budget through the agreed commercial strategies
  • Drive and support motivation within the on-property team (most of them have been working there for decades)
  • Drive incremental revenues across all departments with key focus in meetings as well as food and beverage
  • Drive consistency and quality standards throughout the year by improve guest satisfaction
  • An entrepreneur yet an individual who will also work collaboratively with the wider leadership team

Candidate Requirements:

  • An existing General Manager
  • Large internationally branded hotel experience
  • Proven leadership skills involving the ability to manage, develop and motivate the executive team to achieve their objectives
  • A positive and motivated hands-on approach
  • Excellent organisational and planning skills
  • Proven display of style characteristics of proactive, independent, decisive
  • Strong financial awareness which turns into real action
  • Fluent in Italian and English
  • Experience of the Italian hotel market

Although this is an interim position the length of the contract is likely to be one year.

For more information or to apply, please contact Mara at or call on +44 20 8600 1169

General Manager – Luxury Real Estate & Lifestyle Residences, UK

We are seeking to hire on behalf our client a General Manager to launch a new business venture in the luxury real estate and luxury lifestyle residences sector.

The General Manager will head all aspects of the company’s roll out and will be the ambassador of the brand to the “High net worth Individual” (HNWI) market internationally.

In addition, the successful candidate will be responsible for taking ownership for this luxury 5-star product, leading all activities to develop strategies to grow the business over the short, medium, and long term.

Working with the executive team to build the excellent reputation of this international brand, the General Manger will ensure the team continues to create extraordinary levels of guest experience and service delivery. They will be highly visible in the local and international marketplace and will have the credibility, gravitas as well as track record of success operating similar hospitality properties.

The ethos of the company will be to provide an exceptional level of service and product as the highest priority.

This is a highly entrepreneurial role and will suit a hospitality executive with energy, drive, and ability to deliver the vision over the long term.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Track record operating successfully as a General Manager/Hotel manager of a luxury hotel, events business, branded residences where HNWI are present
  • Able to demonstrate success driving standards and quality of service within a high-quality hospitality environment
  • Ability to own the position and work independently
  • Understanding of the target market with HNWI and Corporate market
  • Detailed oriented
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Outstanding leadership and people management skills
  • Experience working in a multi-unit resort
  • Strong F&B Experience

For more information or to apply, please contact Guy Lean at or call on +44 208 600 1180

Director of Sales & Marketing – Heidelberg

We are seeking on behalf of our client, a Director of Sales & Marketing to join the team at a 4 star hotel, which is located in the German city of Heidelberg.

Situated minutes from the riverfront, multiple transit stops, and Heidelberg’s main attractions, the hotel which was renovated and rebranded in 2023, continues to be an integral part of this historic city with its famous castle, university and international hospital.

The Director of Sales & Marketing will responsible for leading the development and execution of strategic Sales and Marketing Plans and initiatives that maximize profitability for the hotel in order to achieve budget, revenue and market share targets.

A full job description will be shared upon application.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Ability to perform critical analysis
  • Ability to manage extensive amounts of information and provide constructive feedback/direction
  • Extensive knowledge of marketing, negotiating and sales procedures associated with the hotel industry
  • Excellent written skills sufficient to produce sales and marketing communications
  • Fluency in German
  • Excellent spoken and presentation skills
  • Ability to work effectively both independently and as a team
  • Ability to delegate, manage and organize complex projects and establishes priorities consistent with department/hotel objectives
  • Ability to effectively deal with department heads, customers and team members, some of whom will require high levels of patience, tact and diplomacy
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, meet and work effectively under time and resource constraints

For more information or to apply, please contact Mara at or call on +44 20 600 1169

Director Sales & Marketing – Paris

We have a fabulous opportunity for a Director of Sales & Marketing to join the team at an iconic Parisienne Hotel superbly located in the heart of Opera District.

Reporting to the General Manager, the DoSM is responsible for leading and directing the development and implementation of strategic sales and marketing plans and initiatives in the hotel’s continuing effort to deliver outstanding guest service and financial profitability.

The purpose of the role is to proactively position and market the property; manage the marketing budget to enable development of hotel specific campaigns, promotions, collateral, etc. to drive revenue and meet business objectives. The DoSM will work closely with the brand and revenue management, to develop and implement strategies to maximize Revpar and grow market share in a profitable way and grow market share as measured by STR.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Must be proficient in writing, speaking and negotiating in English and French
  • Requires good communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Extensive knowledge of revenue management
  • Knowledge of hotel and competitive market
  • Ability to analyse data
  • Ability to priorities tasks & to manage workload using own initiative
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Previous experience in hotel, travel & tourism, service sector
  • Previous experience in leading a team
  • Preferably a DoS today or if not the title has strong experience

For more information or to apply, please contact Mara at or call on +44 20 8600 1169



Success Stories – In Conversation with Guy Lean, Managing Director at Madison Mayfair

This year, Guy Lean is celebrating his 20th anniversary at Madison Mayfair and, as such a stalwart hospitality industry, we thought who better to kick off our 2024 Success Story series. 

Having studied recreational management in college, Guy’s journey into recruitment was not a conventional one. His early experience at Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club led to his first role in recruitment where he quickly realised the importance of nurturing personal connections as he carved his career path through sales, training and recruitment, with some help from Dr Seuss along the way. 

At Madison Mayfair, Guy’s focus goes beyond merely placing candidates in roles, but rather measured by their long-term achievements of these placements, underlining Guy’s commitment to nurturing meaningful and lasting relationships for both his candidates and clients alike. 

In this interview, Guy shares his rich experiences, insights, and perspectives on the recruitment landscape, offering valuable advice and observations that stem from a career built on genuine connections and a deep understanding of the industry.

Please tell us more about your career path and how you become known as one of the best-connected recruiters in the hospitality industry. 

Recruitment isn’t really one of those careers that you study in college and then start head-hunting. Like many of my peers, I fell into it somewhat. After finishing my studies in recreational management, with the initial goal of managing a leisure centre, I found myself at The Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club in Richmond. There, I was not only involved in selling events but also managed the bars and looked after the events themselves. This was my first real exposure to high-quality hospitality and the art of connecting with people on a daily basis. 

While at the golf club, a member noticed my potential and asked what my future plans were. He offered me a job at his recruitment firm back in my hometown, Cambridge. I started placing salespeople in various industries including agricultural machinery and pharmaceuticals, working with anybody that sold anything across East Anglia. This job was a real ‘school of hard knocks.’ It involved picking up the phone hundreds of times a day, making connections and really understanding sales.  

I then moved to work for a pharmaceutical recruiter, specialising in the niche area of tamper-evident packaging. This was a significant step in my career, as I eventually became the number one recruiter in the US, while still based in Europe. This led to me being headhunted by Humana International to help sell franchises and teach franchisees to become head-hunters in their respective fields. Humana was eventually sold to an even bigger company called MRI and I became their Global Head of Training while also out there selling franchises. 

Mentorship played a crucial role in my career development. I was fortunate to work with and learn from prominent figures in the recruitment industry, like Tony Byrne and Steven Finkel. These experiences not only shaped my skills but also instilled in me the importance of mentoring others. I’ve trained and hired many individuals over the years and take pride in seeing them achieve great success in their careers.  

In recruitment, statistics play a significant role, even though it’s very much a human-centered field. It takes about 75 conversations to find the right person for a job, someone who would truly excel in their role.  

Our approach at Madison Mayfair involves understanding and connecting with a vast network of people – around six and a half thousand in each market. These individuals are not just clients or candidates, but they are all people with unique needs and aspirations. We are proud to say that most of the clients we work with have been candidates in the past.

Can you share your top tips for candidate who might be preparing for interviews in 2024. 

I’ve always said that when we’re interviewing, we’re all in sales. Regardless of what role you might be applying for, and whoever you are in front of, you’re selling.  

I think you have to follow a sales process and preparation is everything. I would suggest reading a sales book and my top recommendation is “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss which gets to the essence of sales faster than any other book.  

From there, researching the company and having excellent questions are great ways to build rapport. Technically, most candidates who get to interview stage could probably do the job, but in most cases, it’s the most enthusiastic person who gets it.

Are there any industry technologies that you are excited to see continue to develop. Conversely, are there any industry technologies you would prefer never to see again? 

I believe that certain technologies, particularly those aiding in research and networking, are incredibly beneficial. LinkedIn, for instance, has significantly transformed the recruitment landscape. Its ability to facilitate connections and provide instant access to individuals’ backgrounds is invaluable. This tool is essential in our industry, to the extent that if someone isn’t present on LinkedIn, they might not even be considered a viable candidate. 

In terms of communication preferences, I’ve noticed a generational shift. Younger individuals often prefer text messages or platforms like WhatsApp over traditional emails or phone calls. These tools have been effective in connecting with people in ways they are more comfortable with. 

However, there’s a downside to technology when it oversteps and replaces human interaction. In our industry, which is very personal and deals with people’s careers and lives, losing the human touch can be detrimental. For example, when companies provide feedback or rejection via email, it can feel impersonal and inadequate. Human connections are vital, and technology should not overshadow them. 

While I am relatively new to AI and its applications, I can see its potential, especially in speeding up processes like research and initial connections. It’s a remarkable tool for gathering information and bringing back relevant findings quickly. However, the recruitment process in hospitality still requires a balance. While technology can expedite certain aspects, the final stages of interviewing and truly understanding what people want and need must be done through direct human interaction, either face-to-face or via video conferencing. This balance ensures that while we embrace the advantages of technology, we do not lose the essence of personal connections that are fundamental to the hospitality industry. 

Business travel is getting closer to pre-pandemic levels of spend, but many analysts, feel that it will never be the same. Do you feel that candidate expectations have changed regarding travelling for business? 

I believe there are two main elements to consider. Firstly, there’s a heightened focus on the carbon footprint. People have become more environmentally conscious than ever before, and a genuine shift in focus towards sustainability is influencing decisions to travel less. 

Secondly, the importance of maintaining relationships plays a significant role. While the pandemic demonstrated the effectiveness of video conferencing for meetings, which had not been widely popular before, certain aspects of business, such as the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) market, team building, and relationship building, still necessitate physical travel. In these areas, face-to-face interactions are essential and irreplaceable. 

An interesting observation I’ve made is that fewer people are now relocating for work post-pandemic. There seems to be a change in mindset where individuals are more content to stay in their area, seeking a different balance in life and work. This contrasts with the previous norm, especially among general managers in hospitality, where career advancement often meant travelling globally to gain diverse experiences. Now, many seem more satisfied with remaining in their local area. 

However, this shift in perspective towards travel and relocation seems to vary between generations. For instance, I’ve noticed that younger generations, like my two sons in their early 20s, are driven by experiences and the desire to travel. They work hard and then use their earnings to travel extensively. This love for experiences and exploring the world seems more pronounced among them, whereas the older generation appears less driven to relocate or travel extensively for work purposes. 

What do you feel are the most important traits for hospitality leaders to demonstrate? 

For me, the most important traits for high-level leaders centres around emotional intelligence. Leaders who exhibit high emotional intelligence can better communicate with their team, providing information effectively and motivating their teams while displaying empathy and impeccable social skills.  

The most successful leaders generally display a strong self-awareness of their own emotions that helps them understand that people often leave jobs due to poor relationships with their supervisors or a lack of connection with the leadership. They can create work environments where employees feel valued, understood, and motivated, leading to better retention and a more positive workplace culture. It’s not always about monetary compensation but more often about the quality of the work environment and the relationships within it. 

What do you feel has been your biggest achievement and why?

I’ve placed over a thousand people in their careers, many of whom have risen from their first jobs to C-level positions but I feel my biggest achievement has been my work with people and teams. I’ve had the incredible fortune of working with extremely talented individuals throughout my career, and the amount I’ve learned from these experiences has been immense.  

At Madison Mayfair, we have a unique focus: we aim to ensure a return on investment for the candidates we place. Our measure of success isn’t just about filling positions. We look at their progress after 12 months. We follow up to see if they were promoted, if they hit their KPIs, met their targets, or received bonuses. I’m particularly proud of this aspect because it signifies that we’re genuinely contributing to the career growth and success of individuals and our clients’ businesses. 

I am also very proud of the reputation and regard Madison Mayfair has earned in the marketplace. We’re a boutique firm and take pride in the quality of our work and the lasting relationships we build.  

Often, candidates come back to us as clients, and companies return to us for our services, which is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach. Just recently, I had a conversation with someone who had been with a company for six years and reached out to us because of our longstanding work with them.  

This kind of feedback and repeat collaboration reinforce that we’re doing something right. I’m extremely grateful for the great teams we have and the collaborative efforts that contribute to these successes. 

What is the best piece of advice you have been given on your career journey?

I think the best bit of advice I’ve ever been given is, “put your brain into gear before you put your mouth into motion.” 

Madison Mayfair focuses on forging strong, long-standing relationships with clients and candidates, often over the lifetime of multiple roles, to ensure we can find creative and innovative solutions to the challenges we all face in the hospitality industry.  

 To discuss how we can support your businesses with your overall people strategy or to access our full suite of human capital services through Hospitality People Group, please get in touch with Guy Lean on Tel: +44 20 8600 1180,  Mob:+44 7813 009787 or Email:  


Director of Operations – Sardinia

Situated on the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia, we have a vacancy for a Director of Operations to join the team at one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in Europe. The resort is has over 400+ rooms and provides rich, authentic experiences for avid travelers who seek to feel loved, cherished and indulged in a genuine Italian lifestyle, among gold sands and crystal water.

In summary, the successful candidate will be responsible for managing daily hotel operations in the continuing effort to deliver the brand promise, creative and outstanding guest service as well as financial objectives.

Core Objectives of the role:

  • Lead and manage daily hotel operations including, but not limited to seasonal and strategic planning, hotel budgeting and forecasting, managing balanced scorecard performance, implementing and complying with all company policies and standards, coordinating capital and property improvement plans, responding to guests inquiries and concerns, and coordinating the necessary internal team communication schedule.
  • Oversee service quality, guest satisfaction and brand standards compliance, including the implementation of Forbes 5-star service protocol and Hilton Quality Assurance standards.
  • Drive and guide financial performance based on established objectvies. Identify operational performance, productivity and efficiency opportunities, and implement measures to maximize their impact.

Candidate Requirements:

  • A highly experienced multi-unit or Area General Manager (minimum 3 or 4 hotels), with international hotel brand experience
  • Knowledge of select service brands
  • A strong understanding of commercial functions, sales & marketing and revenue
  • Native or fluent in Italian and English (written and spoken)
  • Proven leadership skills including the ability to manage, develop and motivate a team to achieve their objectives
  • Knowledge of multiple geographic hotel markets
  • Strong facilitator and driver of engagement within the hotel teams
  • A positive and motivated hands-on approach to communication within the business
  • Entrepreneurial, proactive, independent and decisive
  • Must be EU Citizen or in possession of Italian work visa

For more information or to apply, please contact Mara at or call on +44 208 600 1169

General Manager – European Ski Resort

Situated in a European ski resort we have a vacancy for a General Manager to manage the day-to-day leadership and direction of the hotel, maximizing on sales and revenue and driving financial returns, which will involve taking ownership of the development of the hotel staff, executing on brand standards, and building awareness of the hotel and brand within the local area.

Featuring 100+ rooms, the hotel also offers a wellness centre, which includes a spa and a swimming pool, 2 restaurants and a bar. During the summer months there is  sun terrace that guests can also enjoy.

The property is both a Winter and a Summer resort. In Winter – skiing, winter hiking, sledging, snowshoeing, curling and a natural ice rink are available to guests, and during the summer the hotel offers a great base for summer hiking, mountain-biking, paragliding, tennis and trekking. The resort itself is 1,274 metres above sea level.

Candidate requirements:

  • Experience of managing a seasonal resort business as Hotel Manager / General Manager of a ski / mountain resort
  • Fluent English and German speaker
  • A strong understanding of commercial functions, sales and marketing, revenue
  • Excellent organisational and planning skills
  • Proven leadership skills involving the ability to manage, develop and motivate a strong executive team to achieve their objectives
  • Proven track record in client negotiations and account strategizing

For more information or to apply, please contact Guy at or call om +44 208 600 1182

Director Revenue Management – Dusseldorf

Overseeing a portfolio of 11 hotels  based in Germany, we have a vacancy for a Director of Revenue Management who by working closely with the Revenue team, will be responsible for delivering all aspects of pricing, demand analysis, yield management, business mix optimisation, selling strategies and distribution to maximise revenue growth, profit contribution and market share for our client.

Reporting directly to the Operations Director. The role will be primarily focused on providing Commercial Strategic direction, oversight and leadership for the development, implementation and review of revenue strategies for a portfolio of hotels, across brands within Germany, by interacting with the key stakeholders within the organization.

The successful candidate should possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities and be able to explain and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions of the job:

  • Must be proficient in writing, speaking and negotiating in English and German
  • Requires good communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Extensive knowledge of revenue management
  • Knowledge of hotel and competitive market
  • Ability to analyse data
  • Ability to priorities tasks & to manage workload using own initiative
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Foreign language skills preferred
  • Previous experience in hotel, travel & tourism, service sector preferred
  • Team player – with a sense of humour even in the face of adversity!

Candidate Requirements

  • Significant experience with all aspects of pricing, demand analysis, yield management, business mix, optimization, selling strategies, distribution and intermediary strategy and tactics to maximize total revenue
  • A Bachelor’s degree /equivalent in Hotel Management, Business Administration
  • Good executive presence and personal presentation Financial/analytical skills
  • Project Management and program implementation skills
  • Strong communication and consultation skills
  • Fantastic strategic-thinking abilities
  • A team player mentality with strong inter-personal skills and people management skills
  • A structured and methodological approach to problem solving

For more information or to apply, please contact Mara at or all on +44 208 600 1169

General Manager – Paris

We have an opportunity for an experienced  General Manager to be based at a hotel in the beautiful city of Paris. Situated in the heart of Paris on a very lively square near typical Parisian brasseries and the Canal Saint-Martin, the hotel is close to various cultural attractions and offers easy access to 5 metro lines.

The position of General Manager is a senior leadership role, and this individual will be directly responsible for the operations and departmental profitability of one of the largest hotels in the Paris portfolio.

The successful candidate will need to be a strong leader who will direct the team from the front and drive the same engagement from the entire hotel team. With a passion for attention to detail they will deliver the hotel at its very best, day in, day out, without exception.

Position overview:

  • To be responsible for the dynamic operation of all the hotel operational departments, ensuring facilities are kept to exceptional standards required
  • To ensure the hotel team are fully trained to the expected high level and all direct reports are fully in line with the same goal.
  • To drive profitability in the hotel through ensuring premium rota efficiency and thorough control of all operational cost areas
  • To drive the hotel revenue by leading the Managers and team members with the goal of safeguarding all upsell potentials and revenue streams are captured

Candidate Requirements:

  • Previous experience as a General Manager of a large internationally branded hotel
  • Proven leadership skills involving the ability to manage, develop and motivate a head of department team to achieve their objectives
  • Fluent in French and English
  • A positive and motivated hands-on approach
  • Strong financial awareness
  • Experience of the French / Parisian hotel market
  • Extensive conference facilities experience
  • Degree / Diploma qualification
  • Union management experience

For more information or to apply, please contact Guy at or call on +44 20 8600 1180

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