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Madison Mayfair is a specialist hospitality search and recruitment company that finds impact players for key positions in the Hospitality Industry.

We’ve assembled an experienced, motivated and well connected team of professionals to work with our clients and candidates within the industry. The team will vary from project to project, but meet Madison Mayfair’s Managing Director, Guy Lean. … read more…

Chris Boulton, CEO, yoo

HXGAVRR9bKHhw_lMgOnDMtp-Fad6hOVhLfbosjlF_ak "The reason why we’ve chosen Madison Mayfair is they came highly recommended by a number of people. I personally have spent three years researching the area. I’m still not an expert in hotels and never will be. My background is commercial real estate before residential real estate, and it was quite clear to us that we needed to recruit a market leading CEO to drive the business. It was crucial to recruit someone who understands the market. Our preference was an experienced CEO who has helped the startup of a business in this sector, creating a new brand or entering a new market. Madison Mayfair came highly recommended as the right people to identify the best candidate with the right skills to work with us."

Kingsley Seevaratnam, Executive VP - Europe, Westmont Hospitality Group

x54XjH7hMwCkPiYdSqOhb0afKTl3IIkuLxx9jaFeOoQ "My involvement with Jillian Malone and FM Recruitment extends beyond 15 years. This has covered recruitment in the accounting and financial areas of our business. I can only applaud the work and relationship with Jillian, we have received nothing but the best in terms of customer service. These recruits have have continued to work with us for a long time. Without any hesitation, I would recommend FM Recruitment and Jillian’s services to anyone who wishes to enter the sector or recruit within the industry."

Francois Baudin, SVP Development EMEA, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International

uCeqg0dUWd0h_jGsG6wprDhZTexR5eAEDu_kc0Vvs3Q "Madison Mayfair sourced my latest recruit, our Vice President for Europe. They are professional, responsive and collaborative. There seems to be cultural similarities between us and Madison Mayfair, which has strengthened our relationship and led to greater teamwork. We envisage extending this relationship into the Middle East."

Steven Rudnitsky, Former President & CEO, Dolce Hotels and Resorts

2G_eqfq7qMieeqc0x9umlZqNI_ad0GP0T5jWIouqyow "Guy has been extremely helpful. He understands our business in Europe and knows the talent pool that exists within this geography. His delivery on finding our new Managing Director for EMEA, David Anderson was exceptional. We enjoy working with Guy."

Debrah Duggah, General Manager, Dukes

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 10.54.51 "I registered with Madison Mayfair following a career change, when I recognised I wanted to return to working in hotels. One of their Directors contacted me regarding an opportunity. We met and I found them professional, keen, enthusiastic and I trusted them. Trust is critical when you’re in a senior and executive role. I trusted Madison Mayfair."

Sean Worker, CEO, BridgeStreet

ORal8GVjI1aaWiEsDGwQ_pmkCYyRMCgP40CZUugWXSs "The most important part of my business is people. When you’re bringing great people to an organisation, you need a professional and you cannot do it on your own. I’ve had a longstanding relationship with Madison Mayfair, listening skills is the first step, then they build the mandate, followed by the profile and then they work until they find five to six candidates that specifically fit that mandate. Madison Mayfair are highly tailored, an intrinsic part of what we do. We have a term internally for FOBs - Friends Of BridgeStreet, true alignment and passionate people who extend beyond being a supplier to being a friend of BridgeStreet. We like collecting FOBs and consider Madison Mayfair as an FOB."

Gordon Drake, Former CFO of Kingdom Hotel Investments

"We are a very international business that requires international individuals to run it. Peter and Madison Mayfair listen and understand their clients. They have an unmatched capability in the headhunting world, in finding the right candidate that fits not only the role but also the company culture. Peter and Madison Mayfair have assisted us in recruiting eight or nine individuals, the sum of which is very strong. These recruits have enabled us to reap the rewards of solid teamwork, challenge ourselves and drive the business forward."

Clive Hillier, Strategic Consultant Colliers International

0fY9vsF599jPEfIt4fvnlcvYVQiqauFqKbngCnZDmzc "Almost all of Vision’s recruitment, from inception, has been with Peter. We believe, finding people with the right ethos is just as important, if not more important, than finding people with the right skills. The benefit of utilising Peter is that he understands our ethos and how we work. When we have a shortlist of candidates from Peter, I can guarantee that every one of them will be a credible and suitable match. It is up to us to select the best fit candidate from his shortlist."

Joe Stenson, Director - Hotels, Queensway Group

22VH-QXNlOJi3mbSLXuiPZD1iXctN6AayCAdIaHZe2c "In 2004, Madison Mayfair placed me in my current role. My original brief was to develop the hotel asset for the company, which I have successfully delivered. Eight years later we’ve got eight hotels open and three or four underway. It has been appropriate placement. Initially, there were several meetings, with a thorough process. Guy prepared me, in terms of understanding the owners of the business and their requirements, this enabled us to be of like minds during our meetings."

Richard Candey, Senior Director - Head of Hospitality, DTZ

2d5vQwmjMoRLLSfAAkZfkmfwtVgcwUtMp_dxXEhlQfA "We’ve worked with Guy Lean in filling a highly strategic role in our team, in a challenging marketplace. Guy’s role and assistance was crucial, it allowed me to have time to do what I hopefully do well. In addition, I’ve known Guy for a long time. I was familiar with Madison Mayfair’s reputation in the sector and it was a pleasure to work with him."

Peter Norman, SVP - Acquisitions & Development, Hyatt International

Yq8MK19LOO9D6qaPAkP7Yt0aTEijHLNXHvDT21GTDCk We asked Peter to thoroughly research the market for a Developer whose focus would be business development in western Europe, which is one of our most important locations for growth within the higher portfolio. We were impressed that they were able to provide us with a relatively large selection of potential candidates. This demonstrates a combination of their hard work and the fact that Hyatt is a strong brand. The majority of the work to consolidate the shortlist was conducted by Peter. The process has been fluid. Within a short time frame, they have brought us closer to our goal.

Robert Shepherd, SVP - Development & Design, IHG

eqV0HZMOtdrf0TZuWbkUfzWttprxZvQXKpkaqNBvQ_4 "We used Madison Mayfair to search for our VP of Design and Engineering. I was impressed with their network and knowledge of the real players in that space. They produced a very strong candidate list for us. I have been very pleased with the appointment, who joined us on 1st February. Madison Mayfair provided a very good service."

Frank Croston, Owner at Hamilton Hotel Partners

G79MvM8ByguKJXtZbyUwrOpK9484-XBq40ONSuSIkPA "I think Madison Mayfair are a great partner to work with when you’re looking to find the right person for the right job. It’s impossible to underestimate how important and vital that recruitment process is. My experience of working with Madison Mayfair is that they absolutely reflect the best and highest standards in the industry."

Sean Worker, CEO, BridgeStreet

ORal8GVjI1aaWiEsDGwQ_pmkCYyRMCgP40CZUugWXSs "The word partner is often diluted. Guy and Peter work hard to understand our business, the personality of the people and the business. They want to understand the business plan and the strategy. Our business is all about the moment of truth with a person. They have greatly assisted our recruitment for General Managers, Project Managers and Developers that fit our business. Each search is so unique because it depends on the nationality, it depends on the languages we require, whether it is a local or a global role, such a task cannot be successfully undertaken by consulting a database. It requires dedication in communicating with candidates, competition is fierce for great people."