We like to think that when it comes to talking about our successes, our clients do that very well for us.

Our entire focus is helping clients to achieve their most important businesses objectives, as quickly as possible.  So when we find the right candidate to do the job, the results speak for themselves.

The following are just a few examples of what our clients say …

Who was delighted that Madison Mayfair found a trusted team member to oversee a sequence of hotel openings?
“Since joining the team, the SVP Operations has had a baptism of fire, opening an average of one hotel a month, all of which have been exceptionally smooth, and all of which would not have been had he not been at the helm! He is a very safe pair of hands. It is great to have someone in such a key position that I do not need to worry about.”
Red Planet Hotels.

Who was thrilled when we placed a candidate who brought in US$100M in two months?
“Madison Mayfair is the executive search firm we used to recruit a Vice President of Development for Asia, and since joining he has brought a 100 million US$ transaction to the business inside 2 months, which in anybody’s terminology would be a significant impact to the organisation.”
Kingdom Hotel Investment.

Why did one industry leader say that Madison Mayfair had helped their company achieve  a “quantum leap”?
“Using the services of Madison Mayfair we have hired 5 key members of our team. Most significantly, one of those individuals has increased the asset value of our portfolio by £3.4 million in less than 3 years. This Analyst has truly contributed to the organisation taking a quantum leap in our asset management portfolio.”
Vision Asset Management.