• Product Development Manager, London

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    We are looking for a Product Development Manager for a well-established tour operator that provides in-bound tourism from America. This is an exciting opportunity to join a fast growing travel company as a Product Development Manager. The position will be based London. The ideal candidates will be responsible for: Taking overall responsibility for the management
  • Briefing: Guest experience is better with latest tech

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    In a new report from Zebra Technologies, 66% of hospitality guests said that they have a better experience when hotels use the latest technology. Mobile phones and location technology are at the forefront of technology developments in hotels. Smart phone uses range from unlocking rooms, to receiving text notifications about room readiness, to receiving location based offers.
  • Briefing: No two career paths are the same

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    There are a great many people who have worked their way up the hospitality ladder to success, but there are also many who find their career path takes them into hospitality through less conventional routes. A recent survey shows that the number one reason professionals would seek a new job in 2017 is that they need
  • Briefing: Personal touch still key to good service

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    In this digital age, more and more customer service interactions are taking place online and through multiple channels. This means that the hospitality industry’s practice of good service needs to adjust to accommodate all touch points. Northridge Group’s recent study found that over half of consumers (55%) need to use two or more communication channels
  • Briefing: Data culture creates new risks

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    Data has become a key tool that a hospitality business needs to perform at its best. Now businesses must recognise the importance of using the data they have in a responsibile way. A misuse of data could be a risk to a business and could destroy trust between it and its customers. The latest research
  • General Manager – iconic hotel in The Netherlands

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    We are looking to attract a General Manager who will have the opportunity to reposition an iconic hotel property back to the number 1 slot in the upscale marketplace. As General Manager you will be instrumental in the taking the property to the next level and will join a company that is known for its
  • Briefing: Developing Hospitality in 2017

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    There are a great many exciting new hotels due to open around the globe in 2017. One interesting example is The Silo Hotel in Cape Town which is being built as part of a clever project to turn an old grain elevator into a beautiful contemporary art
  • Briefing: The value of thoughtful recruitment

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    Recruiting new ways of thinking into your business can be very advantageous. A study by Delloite says that ‘diversity of thought’ within a team can ‘help increase the scale of new insights’ and ‘guard against overconfidence’. Teams that hold a variety of skillsets, identities, and backgrounds will challenge each other and encourage learning and innovation.
  • Briefing: The battle for bookings pivots on tech

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    According to Hipmunk, an online travel company, one-half of millennials say they’re “travel hackers”, meaning they know the best way to get a good travel deal. Research from Google states that only 23% of leisure travellers are confident they can find all of the same hotel and flight information on their smartphone that they can