This job opening is no longer available. Please check our latest job opportunities here.

We have fantastic opportunity for a Regional Director of Sales who will act as a sales leader to ensure revenue growth within our client’s EMEA region.

  • The Regional Director of Sales will mentor, develop, manage and motivate local Sales Managers to perform to the highest level.
  • He/She will be responsible for helping the regional sales team to identify prospective clients, develop client relationships, close sales, and maintain client relations
  • The Regional Director will also manage the Global Sales Team to order to establish local clients that could become Global clients and Global clients that could generate local business.
  • The position requires an individual who can convey an image of confidence in themselves, value in the company and leadership to others.

The company is in very exciting growth mode and our goal is to find someone with energy, passion, strategic vision, depth and leadership!

Please get in touch to find out more by contacting:  or tel: +44 20 8600 1167

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